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Cement Price

Price: In Bangladesh Cement Is Sold In Bag Which Contains 50 Kg OfCement. Opc Cement Price Is Now 430-450 Bdt Pcc Cement Price Is 380-450 Bdt. 


If you are in construction – We can deliver Cement below market price.

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Crown Cement was being sold at Tk 420,

Fresh Cement at Tk 410,

Ruby Cement at Tk 415,

Akij Cement at Tk 425,

Shah Cement (special) at Tk 400,

Premier Cement at Tk 380,

Holcim Cement at Tk 430,

Scan Cement at Tk 430,

and SuperCrete Cement at Tk 400.

In district level markets, Shah Cement (OPC) was sold on Monday at Tk 425 to Tk 440,

Shah Cement (Special) at the range of Tk 415-435,

Seven Ring, Bashundhara Cement and SuperCrete Cement at Tk 435 per pack,

Scan Cement at Tk 420,

Holcim Cement at Tk 440,

Amansim (Advance) at Tk 435,

Crown Cement at Tk 420 to Tk 440,

Fresh Cement, Mir Cement,

Anwar Cement and Tiger Cement at Tk 400 to Tk 420,

Akij Cement at Tk 440,

Premier Cement at Tk 420 to Tk 440 and Seven Horse Cement at Tk 380 per bag.

If One’s Buy Bulk Quantity Then The Price Reduce A Lot. Then Sell Price Start From 6.5 Taka Per Kg.


Availability: In Bangladesh, various type brick are found.  1 st class brick, 2 nd class brick, 3 rd class brick, Hallow brick,  Perforated brick, et



It sells as per Piece. Also sell as per thousand piece.

Per piece: 1 st class: 7.5-8.0 BDT 2 ND CLASS:6.5-7.0 BDT MACHINE MADE {1st class}: 10-11 BDT HALLOW BRICK: 13-15 BDT In market we also get brick chips which sells 75-80 BDT as cft.

Stone chips

 Stone chips: use as CA. Source: basically we get stone only Sylhet area. By crashing it we stone chips. But sometimes we import stone from India too


Price: shingle are 150-160 BDT per cft. Crushed stone chips are 180-190 BDT per cft.


Source & Availability: In Bangladesh sand are available. Basically, we get sand from Sylhet area, Paksi from Pabna area, Kumarkali from Kustia area and few riversides.  In Sylhet area’s sand known as “Mota dana er Bali/ Course Sand/ Construction Sand” and Paksi’s sand has lower FM Value. Local Sand Contains lower FM.


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